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Top 10 Online Payment Apps in Pakistan

Embark on a journey of unparalleled convenience with the leading online payment apps in Pakistan, transforming the landscape of transaction management. Bid farewell to the days of lengthy bank visits, as these apps usher in a new era of swift, secure, and seamless payment solutions right at your fingertips. Experience the liberation from hefty transaction charges associated with traditional banks, as these innovative platforms redefine the landscape of financial efficiency.

Explore a world of special privileges; these applications offer numerous savings on your purchases in many restaurants and stores, making each step of yours exciting and rewarding. Our selected range of the most powerful and convenient payment apps enables you not only to have the best online payment app but also to combine efficiency with budgetary consideration making the road towards a smarter and safer money future.

Top Online Payment Apps in Pakistan

List of Top 10 Online Payment Gateways in Pakistan

  1. Easypaisa
  2. Jazzcash
  3. SimSim Wallet
  4. Keenu Wallet
  5. HBL Konnect
  6. Fonepay
  7. Sadapay
  8. Paymob
  9. PayPro
  10. NayaPay


Easypaisa was launched in 2009 and it is believed that this was one of Pakistan’s first online payment gateways in Pakistan. There is no doubt that Easypaisa means digital payment solutions in Pakistan. It is among the most solid, quickest and mobile e-money systems in Pakistan. This means that EasyPaisa is here to help you resolve most of your basic financial problems.

Easypaisa is an integral part of Telenor Microfinance Bank, operating as a standalone financial service with no regional counterparts. Unlike other mobile financial services, Easypaisa stands out as a unique entity in its own right. One noteworthy aspect is that becoming an Easypaisa user doesn’t necessitate being a Telenor subscriber, making it accessible to a broader audience.

To facilitate accessibility and convenience, Easypaisa has strategically installed deposit machines in select locations within its jurisdiction. These machines streamline the process of depositing funds, enhancing the overall user experience. This commitment to accessibility and user-friendliness underscores Easypaisa’s dedication to providing inclusive financial services, irrespective of telecom affiliations.

As one of the best online payment gateway in Pakistan, it consistently achieves success daily, functioning flawlessly and maintaining a track record of excellence. Easy paisa was preferred for its ease of money transfer. Transfers of financial assistance were made possible by it among people who lived in different parts of Pakistan.

It is very appropriate and has several unique features that make it perfectly suitable for use in an online payment system. For example, Easypaisa offers instant payment confirmations. This means that when you sign up for this service, you know your money will have arrived at its destination.

This innovation also allows safe online shopping. Do not worry, all of your private data is kept secret with this online payment gateway in Pakistan. Sending money to any person in Pakistan is quite easy with Easypaisa. It does not matter whether they have a bank account or not.

List of Services by Easypaisa in Pakistan: 

  • Money Transfer 
  • Mobile Top-ups. 
  • Utility Bills Payment.
  • Day-to-Day Finance.
  • Mobile Wallet.
  • Financial Services. 
  • Business and Retailer Services.
  • Buy Tickets. 
  • Business Solutions. 
  • Salary Disbursement and much more.

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

2. Jazz Cash

One of the most prominent Pakistani cellular networks – Jazz – runs a subsidiary called Jazz Cash. This system is also referred to as MobiCash. It is secure, quick, comfortable, and affordable for transferring money. 

This online payment app in Pakistan garnered popularity because it is easy to use. There are numerous features, including discounts, loyalty points, and cashback, which indeed make it even more appealing. Therefore, JazzCash is the one to go for if you are looking for a reliable and affordable payment gateway in Pakistan. 

The ease with which we gauge our success extends beyond individual users, thanks to the versatile and widespread impact of Jazz in top online payment apps. Positioned as the foremost conduit for numerous small businesses and even some corporations, Jazz has become an indispensable tool for facilitating daily operations nationwide. 

In essence, JazzCash has elevated its digital initiatives to unprecedented heights, reflecting a commitment to innovation and progress in the realm of telecommunications. By serving as a pivotal platform for diverse entities, JazzCash has not only simplified the measurement of success in online payment apps in Pakistan but has also propelled.

List of Services by Jazz Cash in Pakistan:

  • Cash Transfer
  • Utility Bill Payment 
  • Challan Payment
  • Motorway M-Tag Recharge
  • Loan Payments.
  • Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Topup
  • Retail Purchases
  • Education & Govt Payments
  • Employee Payments and much more.

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

3. SimSim Wallet

SimSim Wallet is more than just an online payment app in Pakistan.  It embodies the essence of a dynamic mobile wallet. With an agile, lightweight design, it encapsulates powerful features, presenting a seamless and user-friendly interface. SimSim stands out as an effortlessly navigable app, providing a convenient and efficient mobile banking experience for users.

SimSim wallet reduces one’s inconvenience of carrying a stack of cash in a pocket. It reduces the hassles and also provides discounts at various outlets.

SimSim is one of the top online payment gateways in Pakistan which allows users to transfer money to different points in Pakistan. It entails bank accounts, SimSim customers, mobile phones, donations, and other FINCA accounts. Finance operations such as accessing and transferring money are easy and flexible concerning the fundamental part of them. The app enables users to order an ATM card via their phones.

The SimSim wallet has a stylish look and is easy to use when conducting an online purchase. It is easily manageable, which makes it one of the best options for seamless and user-oriented e-commerce. SimSim streamlines financial interactions that are a combination of sophisticated and accessible e-transaction environments.

List of Services by SimSim Wallet in Pakistan:

  • Make bookings for your airline, bus, movie and event tickets.
  • Utility Bills Payment.
  • Shop for Netflix, iTunes, Skype, Steam, Facebook, etc.
  • Receive Money from Abroad.
  • Make payment Via QR Codes
  • Redeemable Gift Certificate Solution.
  • Fund Transfer

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

4. Keenu Wallet

Enjoy the ease of reaching Keenu agents spread across the country and complete fast transactions using your Keenu Wallet. Through this extensive channel of operation, Keenu is readily accessible thereby allowing you an easier transaction platform for making payments within the state.

Either as an individual who stands to lose one’s cash or as a business wanting to put ease to their customers. Having chosen Keenu Wallet, an online payment gateway in Pakistan, will go among the best choices you have ever made.

Keenu mobile wallet offers a broad range of services. This platform is intended to assist in any type of financial transaction that includes banks, individual customers, telecommunication entities or online merchants. You can carry out direct deposits as well as payments using the online payment gateway. It can easily send and/or receive money through any bank account.

The various types of payment gateways exist to give several options that will suit the many demands of customers. It provides reliable and seamless payment transactions for your convenience.

Effortlessly engage in local money transfers with Keenu, allowing you to send or receive funds within your vicinity seamlessly. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Keenu’s financial services for local transactions.

List of Services by Keenu in Pakistan

  • Mobile Recharge
  • Online payments and cash transfer
  • Upload Money via Bank, Cards, and cash for purchasing
  • Online Shopping From Any E-Commerce Portal.
  • Utility Bill Payments.
  • Scan and pay at stores.
  • Buy Prepaid Mobile Vouchers.
  • Buy Prepaid Cards from Netflix, Xbox, PlayStation, iTunes, Google Play Store and more.
  • Cash Back offers.

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

5. HBL Konnect

HBL Konnect is a flagship product of Pakistan’s largest banking network. It spearheads continuous innovation in the landscape of Pakistan’s best online payment apps. Backed by the extensive reach of the bank, it evolves with an expanding array of cutting-edge digital payment solutions, providing users with dynamic and forward-thinking financial tools.

HBL Konnect is seamlessly integrating into the fabric of the nation’s lifestyle, enabling users to embrace digitization effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface, it empowers individuals to transition into the digital era with just a few simple steps.

HBL Konnect consistently introduces unique innovations, offering a diverse suite of digital payment solutions in the society of online payment gateway in Pakistan. The HBL Konnect App not only provides seamless financial transactions but also empowers users with a range of discount packages. These encompass the finest deals in restaurants, shopping outlets, and various recreational activities, enhancing the overall user experience by combining cutting-edge technology with exclusive benefits.

List of Services by HBL-Konnect in Pakistan:

  • Pay bills, transfer money, top-up their mobile phones, make donations and pay zakat using HBL ATMs
  • At other bank ATMs, withdraw cash and make balance inquiries
  • Receive an SMS from 4250 on your registered mobile number on every transaction
  • Easy blocking through 24/7 Konnect CustomerCare at 021-111-425-111
  • Mobile Account’s daily and monthly limits apply for debit transactions
  • Free Konnect PayPak Card
  • Free ATM Cash Withdrawal from HBL ATMs
  • Discounts up to 20% off at Brand outlets
  • Customers can withdraw PKR 200,000 monthly from ATMs for free

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

6. FonePay

FonePay was launched in 2019 to provide a simple, convenient, and secure way for online payment gateway in Pakistan to accept customer payments.

FonePay, a leading digital payment solution in Pakistan, offers an array of features, including the swift and seamless capability for instant money transfers. With its user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities, FonePay transforms the digital payment landscape, ensuring quick and convenient financial transactions for users across the country.

To date, FonePay has processed over $1 billion in transactions. It is used by over 10,000 businesses in Pakistan. FonePay offers several advantages to businesses. It includes low transaction fees, fast payment processing, and support for many currencies. 

FonePay offers a secure business platform, ensuring the protection of customer data while facilitating seamless payments. With a commitment to robust security measures, businesses can trust FonePay to handle transactions securely, fostering a safe and reliable environment for both merchants and customers in the digital realm.

List of Services by FonePay in Pakistan:

  • Retail Payment
  • Ticketing
  • Online Payment
  • Gift Cards
  • Locate Stores and Deals
  • Social Media
  • Loyalty and Rewards

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

7. SadaPay

In Pakistan, the digital wallet sector is relatively new to SadaPay. SadaPay’s exceptional user experience and range of offerings have made them extremely popular among Pakistan’s youth.

Its services are quite dependable and user-friendly because of how simple it is to perform transactions, pay bills, and top up mobile phones. They are currently among the best mobile wallet providers in Pakistan and they also provide foreign exchange accounts.

Moreover, the estimated time to process the payment is two business days. They have designed their business account with cheap benefits to make it friendly for freelancers. They accept international payments from almost all over the globe. However, some countries are not entitled to this service because of regulation constraints.

SadaPay has a refund policy based on contracts and conditions. You can get quick access to your accounts by using fingerprint or Face ID. Also, they have put in place top-of-the-class anti-money laundering and fraud-detection mechanisms to safeguard your funds. 

It also ensures that sensitive data is highly safe and always encrypted. SadaPay is not only one of the best online payment apps in Pakistan but it is also a regulated financial institution. Thus, it observes strict rules. They consider it crucial as they are responsible for safeguarding their users’ data.

List of Services by SadaPay in Pakistan:

  • Send money in a snap! Make payments faster than you can think.
  • Pay your bills. 900+ billers at your fingertips.
  • Request money. Friendly reminder, friendly payback.
  • Mobile Top-ups. Top-up any GSM network instantly.
  • Cards. Physical and virtual card.

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

8. Paymob

Paymob is an online payment gateway in Pakistan where most of the PSPs (Payment Service Providers) are gathered under one umbrella. It allows a wide variety of local, regional, and international payment alternatives. This satisfies all digital payment needs while increasing the rate of conversions.

It is an all-inclusive solution that simplifies the intricate facets of money transfers while providing an easy-to-use platform with the necessary functionalities to meet various payment demands. This integrated platform covers everything about payment solutions including accepting payments for goods and services, handling subscriptions or even donations. 

PayMob is efficient and available through numerous devices which makes it an integrated one-stop digital payment solution. This platform combines ease of use with flexibility to create a simple and effective online payment experience.

​List of Services by Paymob in Pakistan:

  • Paymob accepts. 
  • Accepting Payments Online
  • Paymob send. 
  • Paymob Sync. 
  • Digital Wallet. 
  • Risk & Fraud Detection. 
  • Real-Time Reporting. 
  • Fast Integration.
  • User Friendly interface

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

9. PayPro

PayPro offers effective implementation and fast payment processing opportunities in the community of online payment apps in Pakistan. This app has a direct integration with Shopify. This means that it is ideally suitable for online businesses.

PayPro provides a full range of services enabling you to send bills online directly to the customer from your website. It will allow you to collect digital payments and enhance cash flow management. An easy, fast, and efficient medium. 

This online payment gateway provides an avenue for customers to carry out transactions through different means of payment. This incorporates debit/credit cards, digital bank transfers, and ATMs. 

Running your business becomes smooth with PayPro. With this digital payment solution, you can easily create, send, issue credit notes, and even manage invoices effectively. It enables you to get payments from customers in a matter of minutes.

List of Services by PayPro in Pakistan:

  • Automated Invoicing System
  • Education Solutions
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Health Solutions
  • Insurance Solutions
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Technology.
  • Quick, Efficient Deposit Processing.

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

10. NayaPay

NayaPay is a one-stop solution for all your daily payments. You can send money free of charge to friends and family with NayaPay. You can get a Visa debit card immediately for your ecommerce, brick-and-mortar, and overseas payments.

You must utilize NayaPay to conveniently pay your utility bills and other daily expenses with funds from your NayaPay account or your linked bank account. It is a flexible platform that goes beyond normal business transactions and provides complete digital payment solutions.

NayaPay is not only for bills but also covers utilities so you can be sure that your gas, electricity, water, and other bills are paid online. Say bye-bye to the pain of queuing up and complicated payment channels – NayaPay has got you sorted out on paying for your bills easily.

However, the utility bills are just the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, NayaPay extends its uses as it enables people to pay online for different services. For club dues, school fees, internet subscriptions, and the cost of travelling, Nayapay is all in one. This way, you can sort out different areas of your life with minimum inconveniences and in one place only.

List of Services by NayaPay in Pakistan:

  • Gift Envelopes
  • Reminder for Bill Payments
  • Instant Notification for Every Transaction
  • Digital Receipts for record-keeping
  • No account opening or annual fees
  • Detailed and easy-to-understand transaction history

Click Here to Download on iPhone 

Click Here to Download it on Android

In a nutshell,

This blog serves as a guiding lamp on the road to improvement in the world of online payment apps in Pakistan. It envisions an era in which people will largely conduct financial transactions electronically. The use of physical currency is destined to fade down. The stands of these diverse online payment gateways in Pakistan are exemplary. These revolutionary applications make up a turning point in everyday life.

The relevance of these online payment apps in Pakistan is their capability to eliminate the problem.  It comes along with using conventional modes of making transactions, like fraud and the use of fake cards. It includes up-to-date security features that make its environment safe for users. It transacts with confidence digitally. This simplifies routine financial activities. It also pushes an entire community in the direction of a better, secure tomorrow.

This initiative becomes an engine of positive progress. In the changing storybook of the world’s technological advances, this approach is helpful. It focuses on addressing the current challenges in the marketplace.  It also seeks to anticipate what would shape the shifting landscape of the digital marketplace. Every transaction made using the app becomes associated with convenience. It provides security and efficiency. This influence does not end at a single use but permeates through. It creates a wave of digitally empowered and resilient ways in the society of online payment gateways in Pakistan.

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