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 Top 10 Online Payment Apps In Pakistan-Growing Path of E-commerce

Online Payment Gateway In Pakistan 2024

Are you searching for the right Online Payment Gateway In Pakistan? Look no further! Here is a complete guide to the top 10 Online Payment Apps In Pakistan. 

In this digital landscape, the demand for online payment has been proven in every way of life. If you relate its importance only to e-commerce business and online shopping payments, then it is not limited to only.

Online payment gateway demand has continuously increased, from school fee payments online, recharging your balance, ordering food items, paying utility bills, going for dinner, paying employee salaries, shopping payments, traveling, transferring money to relatives, and many more. It is your hidden digital cash that is with you every time. 

In today’s circumstances in Karachi, everyone knows having lots of money in your pocket is unsafe outside, so these top online payment apps are your secure digital wallet everywhere and anytime.  

List of Top 10 Online Payment Apps In Pakistan

1- Easypaisa 

2- JazzCash 

3- XPay Payment Solution

4- Payoneer

5- FonePay

6- Habib Bank Limited 

7- MCB Bank Limited 

8- Meezan Mobile Banking

9- National Bank of Pakistan

10- United Bank Limited

FinTech Solutions- Best online payment gateway in Pakistan

FinTech solutions and the banking sector are two related sources facilitating online payment gateways in Pakistan. Use these best secure and reliable sources to pay and receive the amount. Here are the top best FinTech apps that play a dominant role in the market.

1- Easypaisa

Easypaisa is your best online payment gateway and branchless banking services provider. Telenor Pakistan first launched it in October 2009.

  • With the partnership with Masterpass, It is an online payment app in pakistan for digital payment services through a QR code.
  • Easypaisa is the only certified service provider with GSMA mobile money in Pakistan.
  • In the beginning, Easypaisa was just a money transfer platform, but after 2016, it has been launched as a host of financial transactions.
  • A debit card facility was launched on 17th January 2023. 
  • With low transaction charges of only 2 or 3%, Easy Paisa is a reliable name for business and salary payments, supply chain payments, cash management, online payment gateway, etc.
  •  It is a well-used online payment app for Uber, Daraz, Ruba Digital, Bykea, Seed Out, HumMart, etc.

2- JazzCash

JazzCash was launched as Mobicash by Mobiling in 2012. No doubt JazzCash is the most trustworthy and secure online payment gateway in Pakistan. 

After reaching the shopping counter, you remember the money you forgot at home. If you have ever faced this situation, you can better understand the need for JazzCash. It is your Mobile bank Account. 

  • The demand for JazzCash is continuously increasing not only among individual users but also medium and small-level business transactions. 
  • Over the years, with the risk of cash at pocket, JazzCash’s transactional company has expanded its scope to about 10 million active users. 
  • It offers a secure and easy experience to all customers and vendors. You just need to create an account by providing your mobile number and CNIC within a few seconds.  Using a unique QR code for your business is the best option for experiencing a smooth payment journey.  

3- XPay Payment Solution

Xpay is the preferred online payment gateway for all urgent transactions. Where digital risk increases, Xpay plays its role by giving a secure and trustworthy edge over all competitors.

  • Xpay facilitates BIN-based discounts except for products that are on sale. 
  • They provide partial or complete refunding services to customers. 
  • For easy reconciliation, they offer customized time/date and details reports.
  • You are offered multiple payment options, including wallet, bank transfer, card, and BNPL. 
  • The Xpay, an online payment gateway, is a fully saved and certified option with PCI-DSS. 
  • It is integrated with third-party eCommerce stages, so you can easily join Xpay with your custom website and shopify stores. 

4- Payoneer

In this digital landscape, Freelancing has become a tycoon of businesses. Payoneer is a payment app that comes into the picture here to pay & receive amounts with high-security measures.

This is a basic need to enable companies, corporations, SMEs, and digital entrepreneurs to receive amounts from international clients easily and securely. 

  • It erases the distance worldwide for freelancing and minimizes complexities in cross-border transactions for e-commerce businesses nationally or internationally.
  • Users are offered holding accounts in different currencies. 
  • Payoneer gives many withdrawal options, including prepaid cards and local bank transfers.
  • Payoneer is the best online payment gateway in Pakistan, not only for Upwork, Fiverr, Amazon, and Shopify, but it has revolutionized the largest platforms, such as Google and Airbnb.
  • It offers online and telephone options for transfers and bank withdrawal options through credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.  

5- FonePay

FonePay was first introduced in 2019. It is another life-convenience option powered by Mastercard that allows you to transfer all your deals from anywhere and anytime. 

With the growth of the digital realm, the demand to foster reliable and protected customized routes for both customers and merchants is a must. 

  • FonePay is the right choice for every third-party payment service plan, including Hulu, Netflix, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.
  • It is integrated with more than 45 banks to make cashless business transactions. 
  • It is featurized with processing over $1 billion in transactions.
  • More than 10,000 businesses in Pakistan is using it as the best online payment gateway. 
  • It charges low-fee transactions with quick payment time and handles multiple currencies. 
  • FonePay is preferable for retail payments, ticking, social media, and online payment, and it is the first choice for all e-commerce businesses. 

Banking Apps- Best Online Payment Gateway in Pakistan

When money transactions come into the picture, banks are considered the most authentic option and the most reliable among all top online payment apps. 

Each transactional journey ends at the bank, so now let’s focus on banking services as top online payment apps. 

6- Habib Bank Limited 

Habib Bank is a very common and familiar platform with more than 27 million satisfied customers. Online payment plans charge no transactional fee with a 2.5% merchant discount rate.

  • It protects with major strategies from fraudulent transactions.
  • It is a brand that promotes banking facilities among all unbanked populations, and it is striving for an online payment gateway. 
  • HBL is a permanent solution for simple transactional models, although you use an ecommerce store, social platforms, website or mobile app, or even Facebook shop. 
  • As the best online payment gateway, HBL is PCI-DSS certified. 
  • You are facilitated with transaction history, search, reports, and refunds. 
  • They provide a customized report for market analysis to vendors.  

7- MCB Bank Limited 

With around 1450 ATM platforms and 1600 branches across the country, MCB now has a widespread network and has become a star-shining name among top online payment apps.

MCB works continuously to enhance security and flexibility.

  • MCB is a significant platform for all online transaction facilities in a convenient way. 
  • MCB is a well-known name for “ Best Equity Deal of the Year” at the ABF Corporate & Investment Banking Awards in 2020.
  • They facilitate through this app in viewing transaction history, viewing mini statements, applying checkbooks, enabling/disabling, activating Debit Cards, blocking & unblocking the cards, and many others.
  • It has developed 3D-secure payer authentication.
  • It has a network of more than 7 million satisfied customers, which is a symbol of its dominant position in the online payment market. 
  • Through many digital banking programs, MCB is empowering all businesses, both small and large. It boosts their sales rate by providing a multifunctional payment gateway.

8- Meezan Mobile Banking

As Meezan is the first largest Islamic bank, it is the most trustworthy online payment gateway in Pakistan. No doubt, by choosing this platform, every business can grow its scope in Ecommerce and worldwide trade.

  • Meezan is the best online payment app, and it has received the first-ever Islamic commercial banking license for its exceptional services from the State Bank of Pakistan.
  • The Meezan Payment app features many smart facilitates, including well-managed secure access to your account from anywhere and at any time. 
  • It reserves its presence with a quick, simple, and easy-to-handle UI for a better experience.
  • Globally, in 2022, Meezan Bank secured the award of the “ Best Consumer Bank” at the fifth rank.  
  • It is customized in Urdu as well as English to give a better experience to all. 
  • This best online payment gateway features Check Account Balance & Transaction Details, Pay Bills, Transfer Funds, Block or Unblock Debit Cards, Discover Discounts and Promotions, and many more. 

9- National Bank of Pakistan 

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is a government-owned bank that is a subsidiary of a state bank. It works with more than 1500 branches all over the country.

NBP is the best online gateway that has launched this digital mobile app for Aitmaad Islamic Banking consumers, as well as conventional ones. 

  • NBP delivers all digital banking facilities to customers anywhere, at any time.
  • Providing easy access by just downloading from the Google Play Store and then registering.
  • As the best online payment gateway in Pakistan, it facilitates the transfer of funds, payment of utility bills, payment of e-commerce business, top-up mobile phones, and settlement of credit card bills.
  • It is also a means to pay internet bills and make government payments. 
  • The NBP payment app is also used to link multiple accounts, check your account balance, and view account statements (30/60/90 days). 

10- United Bank Limited

No double UBL is another fastest growing and multi-services providing banking sector. UBL has continuously branded to offer digital payment since 2013. 

  • UBL’s digital payment solution is one of the top online payment apps that Etisalat UAE also supports.
  • This is the secure and experienced platform to receive and deliver digital payments, just signing up to do any transaction.  
  • They maximize security by managing a 3D secure system. 
  • Secured PCI-DSS Certification. 
  • Maximize security concerns to minimize fraud risks through Fraud Guard. 
  • For those who maintain their online business through social media, it is the best option because it provides vendors with an e-invoicing tool. It makes online payments without any payment integration. 


In short, where all e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Shopify, Daraz, and many others have been becoming the most charming businesses in Pakistan, choosing the right online payment gateway in Pakistan is a must. 

Enjoy the bank online apps and FinTech solutions to experience a smooth business journey. Your bank is with you every time in your pocket. Try the above-mentioned gateways that have proven themselves to be your business-supported partner. 


Which payment gateway is best in Pakistan?

There are several online payment gateways in Pakistan, but EasyPaisa and JazzCash are the most familiar and well-used ones.

Which app is best for online payment in Pakistan?

The number one online payment app in Pakistan is EasyPaisa. 

How to pay the online payment in Pakistan?

You can now use the Bank Money-transfer services that each bank provides through their digital apps. Still, Easypaisa, JazzCash, SadaPay, NayaPay, and X-Pay are also very reliable methods for online payment.  

What is the most used payment method in Pakistan?

Credit/ Debit cards and COD are very powerful methods to pay amounts. But you should facilitate with many other options like Easypaisa and JazzCash. 

Can I use PayPal in Pakistan?

PayPal account is not available in Pakistan, but you can avail of it by opening an account in the United States to use it in Pakistan. A Payoneer account is the best option to use any PayPal account through it.

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