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How to Apply for Online Driving Licence in Karachi

In Karachi, a driving license is deemed to be an official document. It means that everything is okay for anyone who drives some type of vehicle such as a car or motorbike on the road. Once you do not have your Driving License then, It is illegal for You to drive around the Urban parts of the Country on the roads. The youngsters in Karachi see nothing wrong with driving their car without a license as many of the youth are habitual to such behavior. It is undoubtedly a threat to others wandering around the streets, but it endangers their lives as well. 

One thing that we should also know is the importance of driving reciprocity in Sindh. It reinforces keeping out of trouble and spending a lot of money as the outcome. It is always recommended that you follow the whole guide on Karachi Beats as it simply goes about availing your online driving license in Karachi city itself. In this chapter, we have explained everything regarding making an online driving license application in Karachi.

What is a Driving License?

Getting a driver’s license is important but not difficult right now.  We are going to provide you with all the details about checking LTV & HTV licenses on this page. Having a driver’s license is beneficial because it legally protects you. It also helps you if you unexpectedly cause an accident to identify or other process. In Pakistan, a driver’s license is an official paper that lets you drive different categories of vehicles on public roads. A driving License could be applied easily through a traffic police office or licensing authority in your area.

Eligibility For Applying For A Driving License in Karachi

Eligibility matters to avail driving license in Karachi. Your age should be more than 18. You should have a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) from Nadar that represents you as a citizen of Karachi.  

How Do You Get A Driving License?

The process of applying for a driving license in Karachi is described below in very easy steps. First, you should know its offices and its timing and branch timings, etc.

Offices For Driving Licenses In Karachi

Karachi has four places where you can get a driving license. Three of them are nearest to the city, and one is on the edge of the city in Baldia Town. Here are the addresses for each center:

  1. Clifton Branch: 5th Zamzama St, Neelam Colony (near Do Talwar and Mohatta Palace)
  2. Korangi Branch: Sector 6A, Main Causeway, Korangi
  3. Nazimabad Branch: Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Rd, A-9 Block 4 D/3
  4. Baldia Town Branch: Traffic Training Institute Baldia Town, Saeedabad (near Hub Chowki)

Branch Official Hours

  • Monday to Saturday are 9 am to 4 pm.
  • On Friday 9 am to 12:30 pm
  • Lunch Break (every day except Friday): 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

All license centers in Karachi mentioned above follow the same schedule.

Types Of Online Driving Licenses In Karachi

The Sindh Driving License Department is an important part of the Sindh Police. It is responsible for issuing driving licenses and permits all over Karachi. This department issues three types of licenses for citizens.

  • Learner’s License
  • Permanent Driving License
  • International Driving License. 

Learner’s licenses

You have to online license apply for a learner’s permit online before availing of your license. You are allowed to drive on the road with a learner permit but someone with a license should be in the vehicle to direct. A learner permit is easy to take. You should make sure to bring these documents when you apply first: 

  • A copy of your CNIC
  •  An Rs. 60 ticket from the post office
  •  For a motorcycle, Rs. 50, for a car: Rs. 100, for both: Rs. 150
  •  Medical certification from an authorized doctor.

Age to Online Licence Apply for a Learner’s Permit

  • 18 years of age is required for motorcycles and cars.
  • 21 years of age is compulsory for rickshaws, taxis, and tractors: 21 years.

Validity of Learner’s Permit

  • It lasts for 6 months.
  • You also need to get a book with traffic rules from a nearby traffic police station.

Permanent Driving License

After you take your learner’s permit, you should wait for 42 days. After this period apply for a permanent driving license. Keep in mind safety measures to drive safely as any problems with the police might make it take longer to avail your permanent license.  You have to pass some tests before applying for a permanent driving license in Karachi.

Written Tests, Eyesight, and Driving Tests

You have to pass a test about traffic rules to show you are well-known about them. If you pass that test, a doctor will check your eyesight and then they will give you a receipt slip and inform you to wait for a week.  After all their processes, they will send your driver’s license to you in the mail.

Compulsory Necessary Documents for Permanent License

  1. Application form (A)
  2. Original learner’s permit (that should be at least 6 weeks)
  3. Medical certificate from any medical center
  4. 3 passport-size current photographs (that should be attested)
  5. Attested copy of Your CNIC
  6. Ticket of the required Karachi driving license fee

The validity period of Permanent License

A permanent online driving license in Karachi is issued for a 3 or 5-year validity period.

Karachi driving license fee structure is set as their category, which is shown below:

CategoryLearner New LicencePermanent DL for 3 yearsPermanent DL for 5 yearsRenewal in30 DaysRenewal in 30 days ( 5 Years)Renewal after 30 daysRenewal after 30 Days
Car + Motorcycle15014101860810126011851860
+ Bikes
Endorsement + Relevant category400400

Karachi driving license fee and license categories for original

Online driving license Sindh are considered into the following major categories.

  1. Motorcar/jeep License: This license category is issued only for non-commercial cars.
  2. LTV: This license category is considered for light transport vehicles that are only useable for commercial taxis, jeeps, minibuses, and etc.
  3. HTV License: These Licenses are valid for heavy-weight transport. For illustration, buses, trucks, trailers, cranes, etc.
  4. MCR License: These Licenses are issued for motorcycle rickshaws but this category is not valid for cars)
  5. Motorcycle License: Bike Licenses are issued for Bikes.
  6. PSV License: PSV Licenses are public service vehicles and taxis.

Form of online driving license in Karachi & Mobile Application

You can easily avail of your driving license in Karachi. Just download the application from the Traffic Police’s official website.  Also, check the status of your license on the Institution of Driving License Sindh website.

There’s a new app from the Driving License Authority in Sindh. You can use it on your smartphone to do various purposes like checking your license status, verifying your license, collecting information about driving tests, and finding license centers in Karachi and all over Sindh.

Whenever new updates are available in the license application process, you will receive an SMS notification through the department. Their app is also a good option for feedback. 

How To Verify A Driving License In Karachi

DLS helps you to verify your online driving license in Sindh. It’s useful for you and also for people who want to hire drivers for themselves or their work. You should visit the Driving Licence Sindh website to verify your Driving License.  You can also download the free DLS App from the Google Play Store. If you are not in the country you can easily send mail to DSL. [email protected] is their email address for help or queries about your license.

Duplicate Driving licenses Procedure

In case of losing your original driving license, you can apply for a duplicate driving license in Karachi. You are required to following Documents:

Required Documents for Duplicate licenses 

  1. Duplicate license application form
  2. Attested copy of your CNIC
  3. 2 Attested current-captured photographs (In passport size)
  4. Affidavit
  5. FIR of lost license (original)
  6. Tickets should be pasted according to the schedule

Karachi Driving License Fee Structure For Duplicate

CategoryDuplicate Fee(RS)
Motor Cycle100
Motor Car150
Delivery Van60
Tr. Agri50
Tr. Com100

Renewal Of Driving License in Karachi

If you are ready to reissue your driving Licence in Karachi, You should consider the laws and orders from Pakistan Information Technology Board. It is easy for you to renew the license through DLIMS anyway. It may be any time. Despite the prevailing uncertainty in Sindh over renewing a driver’s license, the PITS and Pakistan License system make it even simpler! It is very easy to reapply your driver’s license from the convenience of a computer terminal. It is time for good news because you will not need to consider any tropical test or theory to renew your license. All you have to do is simply send your documents forwarded online to the license center, and easily get rid of the idea that it takes a long time or effort to dig something up from under-ground; instead, renew your permit for another five years.

In Karachi, for renewal of your driver’s license, you have to make an appointment through the official DS website. Don’t forget that even where you escaped the driving test another eyesight check is required.

Required Documents for Renewal of Driving License in Karachi

  1. Application form E  
  2. Your 2 passport-size current-captured photographs
  3. A copy of your CNIC
  4. Original driving license
  5. Your Medical report
  6. A ticket for the relevant license

Outcome Of Discussion In Short

The issuance of online driving licenses in Karachi is not a complicated process. License depends on categories and conditions. First, book your appointment online and appear at the front desk to confirm your appointment. Go through the screening, registration, and photo-taking process. Take a medical checkup from the doctor. Pay your fees at the NBP Counter. Take a written and oral test process on the computer. If applying for a motorcycle or car license, bring your vehicle for a road test, as per the Motor Vehicle Rule 1969. Collect your driving license receipt. A driving license in Karachi will be collected through the TCS process at your provided address.


Here we are providing some FAQs related to online Driving Licenses in Sindh.

What is the process of availing Driving License in Sindh?

To avail your driving license online in Sindh. You should visit the Sindh Police website or the Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) site. Fill in the form online, upload the needed papers, and set a time for your driving test.  Fill out your online license application form and upload the required documents. Now you should click on appointment time for your driving test.  

What Documents do I need to apply for an online license in Sindh?

To apply for a driving license online in Sindh, you Should have a copy of your CNIC or B-Form. A medical certificate from a doctor is also required for a learner’s permit. One or two small pictures of my passport size are also needed.

How much time duration does it take to get a driving license online in Sindh?

It can take different amounts of time duration to collect an online driving license in Sindh. After you apply and finish the required tests, it usually takes about 7 to 15 working days to receive the license.

Can I renew my expired driving license online in Sindh?

You can renew your expired driving license online in Sindh through their online system. Just go to the official DLIMS website and follow the steps for license renewal. You have to upload some documents including your current license and your CNIC card. You have also uploaded your recent medical document.

Can I modify my old residential address on my driving license online in Karachi?

You can modify your rental address on your license online in whole over the Sindh. All the process is possible by visiting the DLIMS website.  You will see an option to change your residence there. Fill in the necessary info along with documents like proof of your new address.

How do I check the processing status of my online driving license application in Sindh? 

To check your online driving license application process in Sindh you should check on the DLIMS website. Type in your application or reference number.  The system will show the process of your application status.

Can I get an international driving permit online in Sindh?

Getting an international driving permit online basis is not available in Sindh. To apply international permit you should go to the special licensing office in person. Now you have to provide them with the necessary documents then your request will be processed.

Do I have to take a driving test for an online driving license in Sindh?

You must take a driving test for an online driving license in Sindh that will show your driving skills. After your application is processed. They will schedule a test for you at a specific center. Test clearness is compulsory to avail license.

Can I fix mistakes in my online driving license info after getting it in Sindh?

Yes, you can correct your online driving license details in Sindh.  If you want to modify the information including your name or address. You should go to their office and give them the documents needed. 

How long is an online driving license valid in Sindh? 

Different Driving licenses are valid for different period of time. It depends on its type. If your license is private it will be valid for up to five years but if it’s commercial it will be valid for up to only 3 years. Remember that you should renew your license before its get expires to avoid problems.

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